Landscaping Features That Improves Your Property’s Value

You will never get another chance to make a great first impression. They’re extremely difficult to undo. This is particularly true if you are selling your house.

For those who don’t know, first impressions can make or break the chance for you to sell your house to a potential buyer. Fortunately for you, we’re here to help. Here are several landscaping San Angelo features that can help you improve the value of your house:

Fresh Mulch

You should go mulch if you require something that will transform a dull lawn into a fresh one. Adding fresh mulch is extremely affordable. The truth is that the money that you will spend on mulch recoups around 125% upon closing. You have to include mulch around garden plants and shrubs to help prevent erosion, moderate soil temperature, inhibit weed growth, and lower evaporation. Aerating soil and adding organic matter can boost its ability to hold water.


Outdoor lighting options are available within the budget limitations of any homeowner. Buyers love a well-lit lawn since it can offer a layer of security.

In previous years, lighting hardware has changed. Aside from traditional hard-wired lighting, you can now choose between LED lighting products and solar-powered lighting products. They keep everyone safe from tripping, silhouette your trees, and show off your garden at night.

Landscaped Pathway

If you’ve got a potential buyer, where do you think they’ll walk? Of course, they’ll walk up to your front door. That’s why you have to pay close attention to the pathway. Fix cracks that can damage the first impression. Try to design a pathway that will generate anticipation. You can have a small edge on every side or wind your pathway with plants. To get rid of any accumulated slime or dirt, you can utilize a pressure washer.

Tidy Garden

Get rid of persistent weeds. For a couple of buyers, they are an indication that signals issues in the future. A clean lawn will offer a great first impression for the buyer. It gives them the idea that they are looking at a lawn that’s easy to maintain.

Trees and Shrubs

Every single thing you purchase falls in value. However, this isn’t the case with trees. Mature trees improve property values. According to a study, you can improve the value of your house by 3%-15% by simply having a tree on your lawn. It’s a bit expensive to install mature trees. Thus, you can go for a 15-gallon pot if you are searching for a tree that already has some size but still fits in your truck. Depending on the variety, the cost runs around $50-$150.

A Well-Maintained Lawn

A well-kept lawn is one of the best things you can do. it is cheap, quick, and returns the most on your investment. Potential buyers always look at the lawn when buying a house. A well-kept lawn can please a buyer, according to studies. It boosts the look of a property, offers the adults a sense that they’ll enjoy a relaxed life, and provides a play area for their kids.